All FTCC Working Committees are initiated and run by Members with objectives to be a platform for exchanging ideas and sharing information and best practices.  

Each committee organizes a meeting every 2 -3 months and organizes events of interest of our Members and in line with the Franco-Thai business community/market to promote their business and create business leads.


Any professional ready to share best practices, develop their network and promote their expertise



  • To share best practices and advice with actors in a sector
  • Develop business relationships and create business opportunities
  • Promote the industry approach of French expertise in Thailand
  • Identify lobbying issues in order to address them at the highest level.


Foster relationship with key stakeholders who have an influence in public policy, government decision, and business...

Smart Living & Digital Cities

The FTCC has recently launched a new committee called “Smart Living & Digital Cities”. The first meeting was warmly attended...

Food & Beverage "F&B"

The F&B comittee organize big event: - Bonjour France, during the French national day. - Bonjour French Fair, before the...

Agri Agro

Created in 2021. The Agri Agro committee aims to bring together members of this sector, to inform and promote French...

European Aerospace

• Represent French aerospace companies in coordinating with government and private sectors in Thailand • Support and Promote...

HR and Strategy

The HR Committee brings together the community of professionals in the field of human resources to discuss new challenges:...

SMEs & Entrepreneurs

SMEs are key elements in economic development nationally and internationally. The SME Committee organizes various events to...

Sustainability & CSR

Sustainable development and CSR is the theme of concern for all companies. This committee has been organizing the annual...

Bangkok Entreprendre

To succeed, don't stay alone! Come and discuss with your peers, benefit from the experience of others, expand your network...

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