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PAST EVENTS | La Fête de la Musique

[Past Event] Thanks a ton !  We were more than 150 people to celebrate « La Fête de la musique » at Blue Parrot. We were so happy seeing you guys having fun and expressing yourself through music ! We would like to thank all our lovely...

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BLOOM UP by BNH Medical Cannabis Clinic, BNH Hospital

BNH Hospital has opened a medical cannabis clinic, another alternative medicine that uses "cannabis" to treat a variety of ailments and diseases, with safety standards applied by a team of doctors from Bloom Up, a BNH certified training in the use of...

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Cheque relance export

You are a french SME, you want to develop your business in a foreign country ?

You can still benefit from the "Cheque Relance Export", French national public support for export, for missions up to the 15/04/2023.
Indeed you can get subsidies from the Government, up to 2 000 euros for a trade mission/ market prospection.

The FTCC is part of Thailand's labelized partners so don't hesitate to reach out if we can help you

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