HR and Strategy Committee

HR and Strategy Committee: Minutes of the FTCC HR and Strategy Committee meeting

Minutes of HR & Strategy Committee, October 6th, 2020 at FTCC

- Ms. Aline Boulom – Accor, Co-Chairwoman
- Ms. Papornrach Passonnobporn – Revima
- Ms. Anu Sridhar – Michelin
- Mr. David Le Ny – Dextra
- Mr. Laurent Landie – Lim and Partner
- Mr. Thanapat Pratoommase – Bred IT
- Ms. Kaewta Sricha – Storehub
- Ms. Sukanya Uerchuchai – Executive Director
- Ms. Chawanrat Boonsom – Events Coordinator

This meeting is scheduled for the approval of HR event topics in November and December 2020 and the assessment trends 2020 presented by Mr. Laurent Landie from Lim and Partner (Presentation)




Présidente du comité:
Aline Boulom

Contact :
FTCC Events Team
Tel: +66 (0) 2650 9613 Ext 170



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