HR and Strategy Committee

HR and Strategy Committee: Minutes of the FTCC HR and Strategy Committee meeting

Minutes of HR & Strategy Committee, March 17th, 2020 at FTCC

- Aline Boulom (Accor) – Co-Chairwoman
- Papornrach (Jeab) Passonnobporn (Revima)
- Laurent Perot (BRED-IT)
- Kaewta Sricha Petit (Storehub)
- Lucas Zimmerman (My Internship Asia)
- Alexandra Costet Albertin (FTCC)

Reminder: Committee Objective

The aim of the HR Committee is to dedicate specific moment and space for Members to exchange on HR and

Strategy topics, share challenges and best practices, and support and stimulate HR actions.

The HR committee is a neutral group, and is not a place to promote any products, services nor company business.

FTCC’ HR Committee can organise HR events if the event aims to provide information or skill improvement:

- There should be at least 2 speakers talking about different point of view of one topic;

- If there was to be only one speaker, representing one company, then this person should be an expert, deliver

information and share experience, not only promote his/her own company business.

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Présidentes du comité:
Anne-Marie Machet
Aline Boulom

Personne en charge du comité:
Chanwanrat Boonsom, Events Coordinator

Chanwanrat Boonsom
Tel: +66 (0) 2650 9613 ext 190


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