Company of the Month: SPI Bodyguard & Security Services

Company of the month – SPI Bodyguard & Security Services


For the « Company of the Month » this July, let’s sit back and have a little chitchat with Fabien and Serge from SPI Bodyguard to get to know them better on their services and perspectives.


FTCC: Hello! Please tell us a bit about  yourselves.

Serge: Hello. I’m Serge, a former Member of  GIGN, I’ve been a Personal Bodyguard for Politicians, Military Officers and Diplomats in France and all around the globe for most of my career life. My latest duties were to take care of the security of the Ambassador of France to Colombia and took a responsibility in security at the Embassy of Bogota. In the end of my career path, I had a chance to be a Personal Bodyguard of the founder of VALENTINO, as well as his assets, Chateau of Wideville. With all of the experiences and networks above, Fabien then contacted me with his project and I was completely convinced, and that was the beginning of SPI.

Fabien: Hi. My name is Fabien, a Member of CRS. I’m a part of an intervention group « SPI 4G » which was suddenly created right after the Bataclan Attack. I’m a persevering, responsive and ambitious person. With my expertise in security, I decided to found my own company. I believe that our company will provide a professional and custom security services to our clients both in Thailand and international.


FTCC : Could you please give us 3 words to describe your company ?

F & S: First, we would say “professional” because our company is full of quality employees who are the best in this area, for example, they were high-ranked military officers which will provide a very high standard services. Moreover, our company is also “innovative” as we are outstanding among other companies in the same criteria with our VIP service! Our services based on security and we offer a professional first-class assistance. Our services are over the limit when it comes to the clientele, either groups or individuals. Last but not least, our company is a “top-notch in this area”. Although, we are new but we do hope that we will become a role model in the market of high-society/ VIP persons and businessmen.


FTCC : How many employees in your company?

F: Currently, there are 4 Thai employees plus me as a CEO, so in total we have 5 people in the company, ranging from a management support to the body guards officially attached to the company.

S: For my part, I operate as security consultant for the Europe zone.


FTCC: Kindly choose 3 words to defy your clients.

F: They are “demanding”, that is why we provide custom-made and high-standard services. We are here to serve our clients who are both local and international whose cultures, behaviours and needs are different.


FTCC: Why did you decide to settle your company in Thailand?

F: I’ve known Thailand for 16 years and I was attracted by the country, the culture and the kindness of  Thai people. I anticipate the evolution perspective of my career path and after I have done more and more research, I chose Thailand to be my destination.

It is not only important hub for the tourist but also the hub for business in South-East Asia. Besides, Thailand got an increasing of the economics as well as the number of people coming each year.


FTCC: Why did you reach upon The Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce?


F: The Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce is the NUMBER 1 referring for achieving and penetrating the market with enterprises and French companies or Francophone in Thailand. As our company is Franco-Thai, becoming member of the Chamber of Commerce is the best way to be well-known through your network and community. We aware of how important of the network in Thailand is. The FTCC plays an essential role for Franco-Thai companies in order to be represented and to create partnerships, in our case, maybe with the other companies.


FTCC : How would you like to grow in Thailand? In neighboring countries? In Southeast Asia?


F: In my opinion, Bangkok is the epicenter of Southeast Asia. We would like to enter the Thai market in term of global security thanks to the audit, companies risk analyses and video surveillance. We are also thinking about being present during events such as festivals. Concerning Thailand, we would like to grow through partnerships and with other security companies already in touch with the FTCC. Finally, for the gateway on Southeast Asia, we already have networks in Cambodia and Vietnam that we would like to develop.


FTCC : How do you see your company in 10 years ?


F: We see it as the Franco-Thai leader of security and escort services for personalities in Thailand for a high-end national and international clientele.



FTCC : How can we integrate your security and close-knit guard teams ?


F: We are seeking for professionals of the security profession who are physically and intellectually developed and who can face different requirements. The recruitment of our bodyguard and security teams is demanding. We recruit only people of Thai nationality, which means that there is no French recruitment. We are looking for professional qualities that we find especially in legionaries. Applicants must be English-speaking and based in Thailand to meet the country's requirements, its culture, its functioning and its language. This is how we stand out from the competition in the security sector in Thailand.


FTCC : Would you have a word to say to our members ?


F: Yes, we would like to say that our company offers a versatility of services, always adapted to the needs and requirements of our customers, whether for a day or always ...!

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