Introduction to Thai language and culture

Language: English, French, Thai

For Members: 6,000 THB per person
For Non-Members: 8,000 THB per person
*Vat 7% excluded

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During this course, you will get an introduction to the basics of Thai language (discovering of the alphabet, the 5 tones, how to salute, request something, ask for direction, etc..) and also learn how to interact in various professional situations in Thailand. The first session will be dedicated to an introduction to Thai language and the second session to cultural content related to Thai culture and civilization, and interpersonal skills in professional Thai context.

English, French, Thai

Target Group:
English, French, non-Thai

Learning Outcomes:

  • Better understand how the Thai language works and how to master it
  • Better understand Thai culture and interactions in professional context

Main Content:
Two sessions of 90 minutes within one month :

  • Session 1 (1h30) : Introduction to Thai language : 
    • history, alphabet, tones, grammatical system 
    • useful words and expressions, vocabulary (personal / professional)
  • Session 2 (1h30)) : Introduction to Thai culture and professional context :
    • Thai politeness, uses of pronouns, titles / how to greet / add some “thainess” in your everyday interactions
    • Introduction to Thai culture, political system, professional environment.

Specificities, Strengths:

  • Communicative language teaching, interactive activities and situations
  • Glossary for beginners offered


  • For members: 6,000 THB per person
  • For non-members: 8,000 THB per person

*Vat 7% excluded 




Thursday 11 November 2021
12:00 - 13:30 Session 1 #1
Thursday 18 November 2021
12:00 - 13:30 Session 1 #2
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