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Facebook Advertising Tips to Help You Maximize Your Reach

Digital ad revenue is growing more and more thanks mostly to social media. The main advantage for promoting on social media is the fact that it is easy to know exactly how many leads, how much traffic and to get a precise ROI.

There are three different social media leaders on advertising:

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

According to studies, Facebook is the most powerful social media which creates the best ROI, followed by Twitter and then Instagram. Today we will focus on the main one: Facebook!


Facebook provides 5 types of ad:

  • Image: you can promote any picture and a text of maximum 90 characters.

  • Carrousel: This type of ad is with images as well, you can promote up to 10 pictures and 90 text characters maximum

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  • Video: Promote a video and 90 text characters maximum

  • Collection: This type of promotion is for mobile only. This type of ad allows you to promote several pictures as the Carrousel type. However, the character limit is 25.

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  • Lead: This type of ad is particular because customers will fill the form to get more information or subscribe to your newsletter, request prices… When the customer clicks to get more information, a form will be automatically fill with the information Facebook already has. Then he can submit the form and you will get a request with all the information you need to convert this prospect into a loyal customer.

If you want to know more about this type of ad, follow this link!

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You may know how to advertise but you must be wondering, why would you pay to sponsor an ad when you can simply post it on your Facebook page?

The organic reach of your post will always be only a small part of your followers. Moreover, sponsoring ads is a good tool to target a specific group of customers and retain attention. Facebook is not only providing you a way to advertise your products and services, they also provide free marketing tools to analyse and prepare the best ad. Facebook allows you to target your audience by age, gender, location, profession, marital status, interests, household income, purchase patterns, and more…
Facebook ads will help you to reach three different goals:

  • Like campaigns: This type of campaign will increase the number of people engaged in your Facebook page. These likes created might be future customer or future key influencer for your brand.

  • Traffic campaigns: This kind of campaign is aiming to create traffic on your website. It can be a specific product, a blog post, a specific section of your website to grow awareness on what you are offering.

  • Call to action campaigns: This campaign will encourage your audience to interact with your brand, whether by sending a message, whether by filling a form, whether by subscribing to your newsletter… This is a lead creation for your business and allows you to target interested customers.

What are you waiting for? You’re now officially a professional of Facebook ads, start right now. Don’t forget to analyses your campaigns and get a better insight of your audience. Measure the effectiveness of your ads to better target your audience next time. Try different versions of ad to see which ones are the most powerful.

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