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What is a content strategy?

Business trends are changing quickly; you may feel lost into all these new words: Chief Happiness Officer, SEO, SEA, UX or content strategy. Most of the time, these new ways of doing Business are hard to measure in terms or return on Investment because you cannot see the results quickly; it is part of a long term strategy.


If you wonder, what is a content strategy and why you should use it, stay with us!

First, a content strategy is managing all the content created, not only text but also other Medias such as picture, videos, offline content, and online content.


A content strategy is not only creating content, it is also part of a UX (user experience) and SEO strategy. Indeed, by creating content, you create value for the user (your customer) but also improve SEO of your website which increase traffic.


A lot of companies create content but without creating a real strategy. An effective content strategy will mix business goals and users’ expectations and needs.

In order to create an appropriate strategy, you should think about the goal you want to reach: why do you create content, for which purpose, who will be the main target, what format will you use and on which channels?


The 6 following points will help you to better customize your strategy:

  • The Reason (Why?): Why are you creating content, what is your goal?

  • The Message (What?): What do you want to communicate to your audience?

  • The target (Who?): Who is the persona targeted?

  • The channels (Where?): Where are you going to produce content: social media, blog, website…?

  • The structure (How?): How do you want to structure your content?

  • The timing (When?): When do you create content, when do you publish it?

It should always stay flexible and adapted to your business, strategy evolves with your business and it needs to be customized to your goals.


If you do not know what content to produce, ask your collaborators, look at your competitors. Everyone creates content but it should be part of a global strategy rather than an individual initiative.

Always remember that the content needs to be useful and that you have to adapt the literacy level to your target.


Content Marketing is a tool for businesses to create traffic on your website, new leads and build brand-awareness. A content strategy mixed with other marketing tactics will eventually generate revenue.

Why don’t you start now?

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