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Bumrungrad Cataracts Treatment Package

Bumrungrad Cataracts Treatment Package

Cataracts can cause blindness if left untreated. Vision that has been compromised through cataracts can only be effectively restored through the use of  artificial lenses.


·Phacoemulsification single Eye with Monofocal IOL (Single Eye) : 65,000 Baht

·Phacoemulsification Both Eyes with Monofocal IOL (Both Eyes) : 125,000 Baht

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For more information, please contact the Eye Center, Bumrungrad International Clinic Building, 18 Floor, Hotline Tel. + 66 2011 3886 or 1378


The Eye Center at Bumrungrad International Hospital provides care and treatment services for diseases and conditions associated with the eyes, from general problems to treatment that requires the expertise of specialists.

We have a team of ophthalmologists from every field related to the eyes as well as modern tools and equipment for diagnosis and treatment.

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