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Absolute Care Campaign

Absolute Care Campaign

Surgeries conducted by highly experienced surgeons for your safety and trust in every step 

  • Free! Medical clearance prior to surgery based on selected surgical packages 
  • Free! COVID-19 Tests (RT-PCR) through oral and nasopharyngeal swabs for patient and one relative prior to surgery  
  • Free! Medical equipment, medical supply, medicine used for wound dressing and post-operative doctor fee of surgeon first visit after surgery  
  • Free! Doctor fee for internal medicine doctors during hospitalization specified in selected packages



  • This promotion is valid from 1 Feb – 30 April 2021.
  • This promotion applies to all surgical packages available in Bangkok Hospital, Bangkok International Hospital, Bangkok Heart Hospital and Bangkok Cancer Hospital Wattanosoth. 
  • Surgery package for each patient depends on surgeon’s consideration.
  • For more information, please contact +662-310-3000 or 1719 (local calls only). 
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