K. Panya SayavongsaFounder & CEO of Pimclick

As the founder & CEO of Pimclick, Panya Sayavongsa is responsible for running all facets of digital business. Panya has a proven executive management track record and over 15 years of experience driving sales and user experience growth in the digital industry. Panya is Thai French, who was born in Thailand and raised in France. Already during his time at university, he was initiating the first steps to launch Pimclick. After accomplishing an Engineer’s degree in Computer Science and a Master of Science in Digital Media from the Ecole Superieure d'Ingénieur en Electronique et Electrotechnique de Paris, Pimclick started seeing significant growth of its digital and marketing activities on the French market. At Pimclick France, Panya led the transformation into a full-stack digital company with an extensive dedication for Pimclick’s advertising & PR business unit. Panya came to Thailand where he started growing his digital expertise and spent the last 10 years expanding Pimclick to the Asian markets such as Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

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