FTCC Webinar: How can digital transformation help you to survive during and after the pandemic?

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Program of the FTCC Webinar: How can digital transformation help you to survive during and after the pandemic?

1. Impact of covid-19 on businesses

1. Changes in the way businesses are conducted 

2. Audit the workflow of your business

2. Trends that are likely to stay after Covid-19

1. Acceptance of digital transformation

2. E-commerce Innovations

3. Social Media made more engaging

4. Increase demand for Cloud and SaaS providers Use of 3rd party tools

5. Continuous innovation


3. Understanding the changing consumer behavior 

1. Engage with your customers now and prepare for the new normal

4. Digitize your business to survive 

1. How to digitize your business internally 

2. Audit your workflow

3. How to digitize your business externally

5. How to get digital leverage 

1. Bring User Experience into your website

2. Optimize your lead acquisition process (interactive form, landing page, social media form)

3. Google Ads Strategy

4. SEO Strategy

5. Social Media Strategy (Facebook / InstagramAds Strategy)

6. Video Production Strategy

7. Content Marketing Strategy

6. Setup and implement metrics to measure what you are doing

1. Track your performance

7. Tips and Tricks


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