Dr. Gerard LalandeManaging Director and Founder of CEO-HEALTH

Dr. Gerard Lalande graduated from Paris School of Medicine. He has further specialized in tropical medicine and worked later on as epidemiologist at the Pasteur institute in French Guiana.

In this Amazonian region of Latin America, he organized and conducted a large-scale vaccination campaign on yellow fever in various remote locations.

Later on, he completed a diploma in Statistics Applied to Medicine and joined the clinical research department of a pharmaceutical company. His main duties were to develop cardiovascular and anti-infective medicines from phase 1 to phase 3 in order to complete the product’s registration file for the French FDA submission.

Although not an expert in vaccinology, Dr. Gerard Lalande has a worthwhile professional background that includes infectious diseases and epidemiology, set-up of vaccination campaign in a tropical environment and finally clinical research within the pharmaceutical industry.

These “3 hats of experience” will be beneficial to bring new insights about the Covid-19 vaccine results and deployment.

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Zoom Webinar

Update on COVID-19 & Vaccines

Following to last year presentation, Dr. Gerard Lalande will give us an update on COVID-19 situation and vaccines variation as well as general advices

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