UroLift – New Technology in Thailand for Enlarged Prostate Disease

Bumrungrad Hospital is proud to introduce UroLift technology for enlarged prostate treatment, a first for Thailand.

Enlarged prostate issues are common among aging men:

  • Weak flow of urine
  • Straining to urinate
  • Stop-start urination
  • Several bathroom trips during the night
  • Pain or bloody urination

Around 50% of men above 50+ years old are likely to face them. And this number increase with aging.

UroLift is a minimal invasive, safe and innovative procedure approved by the US and Thai FDA. It is performed as a day procedure (OPD) without any hospital stay needed. It uses a tiny device to place implants that widen the urethra, improving urination.

Ideal for elderly patients, those with other health conditions, and those concerned about sexual side effects.

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