Education enrolment in Laos has expanded significantly since 1994.
However, the quality of education is still limited in scope and availability, and is very much concentrated in the capital city, Vientiane.
The Laotian government has begun to reform the educational system with the goal of linking educational development more closely to the socioeconomic situation in each locality, improving science training, expanding networks to remote places, and recruiting minority teachers.
The plan is to make education more applicable to daily needs and increase cooperation among various ministries, organizations, and the community in regard to educational activities.
This plan can be implemented only if those with the proper experience and capabilities are in place, and with the government’s support.


10 August 2020

As Mazars is focused on assisting clients in the education sector of the CLMVT region, we have recently done a study on K-12 education in Laos.
In our study, we found that there is significant scope for infrastructural and operational improvement in Lao primary and secondary education, which provides a major opportunity to those global investors in K-12 education who make the first move.

You can download this publication for free below:


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