The Green Design Brief© by Green Building Consulting & Engineering (GBCE)

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 The Green Design Brief© Integrate cost effective green features into your projects


  • Need performance based evidence to back up your sustainable building project to your clients and investors?
  • Are you looking for applicable guidance, vetted by a sustainable design expert, to support your project’s design choices?
  • Need a ready-to-use specification checklist to follow and hand out to your design teams?
  • Want a set of locally available green materials and technologies?


We developed The Green Design Brief© to support project managers, owners, developers and design professionals to get green, people centric, healthy building projects off the ground in Asia.

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Sustainable Buildings are more than ever on people’s radar.

Covid has driven people to be more concerned of their working, living and traveling environments. This has further accelerated the demand for higher indoor quality standards, healthier spaces and a connection to nature. At the same time people are shifting towards more efficient properties in a response to cutting on their utility bills. High Performance Buildings deliver higher indoor environmental quality, ensure health and wellbeing of occupants, are designed with integrated greenery, integrate eco-friendly materials and technology and cut significantly energy, water costs and their overall carbon footprint. 



Our Ready-to-Use Technical Brief was specifically developed for Asia and is applicable to hospitality, office, residential, commercial and healthcare projects.


What can you expect to achieve with The Green Design Brief©?


  • Improve the value of your asset for your investors
  • Appeal to the community, demonstrate corporate responsibility and improve your branding
  • Mitigate risk of obsolescence and non compliance to regulation
  • Reduce costs across the board from design, construction to operational and maintenance costs
  • Gain a competitive advantage/Differentiate yourself from the competition by implementing impactful green features into your project
  • Reach green building standards, demonstrate high quality credentials and stand at the forefront of international best practices
  • Benefit from higher sales, rental premiums and greater occupancy
  • Ensure indoor environmental quality and healthy environments for your customers


Learn more about how it can support your building projects here.


About Green Building Consulting & Engineering (GBCE)


Green Building Consulting & Engineering (GBCE) is an award-winning Thailand based design consultancy supporting project teams in the design of high performance buildings that improve people’s well-being while preserving the planet. With compelling arguments from increased ROI to enhanced occupant health, we understand that on top of saving the planet, Green Buildings are a strong business asset. Engineered along our clients’ company values, we create high performance buildings by defining their sustainability strategy, optimizing their design and complying with international certification standards. We have been conceiving, designing and optimizing office, educational, medical, industrial, cultural, residential and hospitality Green Building projects in France, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Mongolia and Thailand.

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