Thai Government Covid-19 Relief Measures Phase 3:

Thai Government Covid-19 Relief Measures Phase 3:

On Friday, 3 April 2020, the Royal Thai Government announced a new set of measures focusing on the healthcare sector, affected individuals, SMEs and the stabilization of the financial markets.

1. Emergency loans

Emergency loans with a volume of THB 1,000,000 million will support the healthcare sector and affected individuals as well as the economy in general. 

1.1. Support the healthcare sector and individuals that have been affected by the outbreak. | THB 600,000 million

- Support the farmers
- Cash handouts to the citizens for 6 months
- Support the healthcare/public health sectors

1.2 Support the economy (Economic and social rehabilitation plan) | THB 400,000 million

- Support and strengthen the community’s economic activity
- Investment of infrastructure at a community level

2. Soft Loans

Direct soft loan by Bank of Thailand (BOT) will be provided for businesses, especially SMEs, with a total volume of THB 500,000 million:

-The BOT is to provide a direct soft loan with an interest rate of 2%. It would only be for new SME loans with a limit of no more than THB 500 million per loan. The budget for the soft loan was set at THB 500,000 million.

- Commercial banks and SFIs (special financial institutions) are to postpone principal and interest rate payments for 6 months for SMEs that took out a loan less than THB 100 million

3. Measures to stabilize the Financial Markets

Further measures to stabilize the Financial Markets with a volume of THB 400,000 million:

- Setting up a Corporate Bond Liquidity Stabilization Fund or BSF to allow the BOT to buy private bonds with a credit rating no less than an investment grade. THB 400,000 million was set aside for this measure.

The specific hotlines to answer queries: 02 265 8050 ext. 5516 and 02 283 5401 Ministry of Finance

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