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Sustainability for Business Forum 2023

Back to Drive Businesses Towards Greater Sustainable Development

Bangkok, 22 May 2023 at the Landmark Hotel Bangkok — Continuing its success from the past five editions, The Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce, the Netherlands-Thai Chamber of Commerce, the Swiss-Thai Chamber of Commerce and the Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with multiple foreign chambers in Thailand have gathered around 300 participants for the Sustainability for Business Forum 2023, a full-day forum aiming to promote sustainable development among business based in Thailand.

For this edition, the Opening Talk was led by Ms. Thanyaporn Krichtitayawuth, Executive Director of UN Global Compact Network Thailand. Her insights through the newly launched report and study about 5 SDGs Mega Trends in 2023 were brought to the floor. The dramatic rise of interlinked global challenges is forcing executives to navigate new levels of uncertainty. Business leaders are building resilience by incorporating sustainability into their core business operations and strategies. She also added that leveraging innovation and partnerships are proving crucial to delivering shared stakeholder value and competitive advantage. 

Under the five highlighted sessions, attendees were able to explore:  

Session 1: Sustainable Finance: Focused on exploring investment opportunities within sustainable industries and discovering innovative financial solutions. Ms. Vicky Janssens from Klik Foundation discussed carbon credit trading, highlighting its significance in the realm of sustainability. Mr. Henning Haugerubraten from ResponsAbility shed light on Impact Investment, emphasizing its potential for creating positive social and environmental change. Ms. Marie-Pascale Bonhomme from Amundi Thailand provided valuable insights on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) evaluation of companies for sustainable funds. The session was expertly moderated by Mr. Ben Grozier from the Asian Development Bank.  

Session 2: Solutions for Industry - Discussed on the challenges and opportunities associated with sustainable sourcing across diverse industries. Mr. Bruno Lhopiteau from Bluebee Technologies shared their case study of the implementation of innovative technology for sustainable asset management during operations. Mr. Jagannathan Srinivasan from Signify discussed what has been implemented for them to be carbon neutral. Additionally, Mr. Poonperm Varddhanabindu from Bureau Veritas provided valuable perspectives on tracking sustainability performance in the food and beverage supply chain. The session was skillfully moderated by Mr. Florian Blin from Artelia, who facilitated a dynamic and thought-provoking discussion. 

Session#3: Future of Transport: shed light on the latest advancements in sustainable transport and unveiling strategies for businesses to drive positive change within the transportation industry. Ms. Isawan Kaeochotchuangkul from Rhenus Air & Ocean discussed how freight forwarders are spearheading the efforts in decarbonizing transportation. Mr. Rolan Coppens from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines shared KLM's path to achieving net-zero emissions through the utilization of sustainable aviation fuel. Mr. Gianandrea Bruzzone from ABB addressed the crucial aspect of building the necessary infrastructure for electric vehicles. The session was skillfully moderated by Asst. Prof. Dr. Pantip Piyatadsananon from Suranaree University of Technology, ensuring an engaging and informative discussion for all participants. 

Session 4: Inspirational session under the theme of “Make Bangkok More Livable”  

The session titled "Make Bangkok More Livable" provided an inspirational platform for start-ups based in Thailand to share their stories of tackling pressing sustainability challenges in the city. The session commenced with Ms. Nantaporn Thiraponphaipoon from Scholars of Sustenance, who presented their innovative approach to addressing the issues of food waste and food insecurity in Thailand since 2016. Following that, Mr. Andreas Wanner from MisterLoo introduced an innovative end-to-end public toilet concept targeting high footfall locations. Mr. Krisada Kritayakirana from Muvmi then shared their vision of shaping the future of urban mobility through affordable, clean, and safe solutions. Lastly, Ms. Arunee Atipapong from AriAround presented an expanding sustainable ecosystem driven by kindness and sharing as a lifestyle. The session was expertly moderated by Mr. Lars Svensson from Sasin Sustainability & Entrepreneurship Center, fostering an engaging and informative discussion among the participants.  

Before the attendees moved to the last session, an environment specialist from Baker Mckenzie, Ms. Muanjit Chamsilpa provided valuable insights to the attendees on the readiness of businesses for sustainability-related laws and regulations.  

Session 5, titled "CEO Panel", brought together a distinguished group of CEOs and executives to share their insights and expertise. The panel featured prominent leaders such as Mr. Soonthorn Yongvibulsiri from SCG Packaging Public Co., Ltd, Ms. Anlee Do from Lufthansa Group, Mr. Kongkiat Teekamongkol from Camfil Thailand, and Mr. Sam Yamdagni from Amarenco. This session was moderated by Mr. Bob Fox from JFCCT, who posed thought-provoking questions to the panelists.  

 The forum featured sponsor exhibitions promoting sustainable products and services, including a packaging exhibition by the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP). Sponsors include ABB Thailand, ACOEM, Amundi, Artelia, Baker Mckenzie, BECIS, Bluebee Technologies Company, DITP, Greenyellow, JST Group, KLM, L'Oreal, Swiss International Airlines, MAN Energy Solutions, PALO IT, Poolnologies, Sentinel Solution, Signify Commercial, Suranaree University of Technology, and VNU Asia Pacific  

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