[Special talk] "Balancing High Touch Vs High Tech for Ultimate Customer Experience"

Luxellence Center and The Great Room are hosting a small and friendly open-discussion on how Fashion Luxury & Hospitality can power high touch with high tech on what we call a “Fireside Chat” that we hope you can join.

High Tech and High Touch? Can They Co-Exist and How Do You Balance Humanity and Tech?

Technology and luxury customer experience may often seem to have an uneasy relationship. Upscale brands pride themselves on high-touch, but the realization has come that this cannot come at the expense of high-tech. Today there are many tech advances that will enhance customer experience. What does every industry have in common? The critical need to balance high tech and high touch to deliver extraordinary customer experience.

That’s why we’ve invited you to meet some of Thailand's top specialists in this area. 

Find out more who are the guest speakers.


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