SO KULT Art Gallery debuts & showcase a series of elemental, emotive art by Michaël Deloffre' SO KULT, SO/BANGKOK

SO/ Bangkok itself is an artistic vision brought to life, but that is not enough. Embracing the imagination of renowned and budding artists, SO/ Bangkok introduces SO KULT art gallery in its Street Lobby to feature local and international art from around the globe. The opening of SO KULT kick-starts with a showcase of striking art pieces by the French-born artist Michaël Deloffre on December 4th, 2019. 

Born in 1958 in the north of France, Deloffre draws his inspirations from nature and crafts paintings and sculptures that encapsulate the raw beauty of flora and fauna. A pioneer of the natural and contemporary aesthetic movement, Deloffre imbues emotions into his work and celebrates the artist’s connection with nature. Bold colors, strong brushstrokes and fine lines — his art pieces convey the strengths and weaknesses of natural elements. Today, Deloffre is an internationally renowned artist with his works displayed in 40 countries at more than 160 exhibitions. To name a few: Hamburger Bahnhof Museum in Berlin, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) in Chicago, the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Philadelphia, the Museum of Contemporary Art (CMAM) in Montreal, and the National Foundation for Contemporary Art (FNAC) in Paris.

Deloffre continues to seek and articulate the essence of nature through abstract art. SO/ Bangkok is delighted to feature a selected series of Deloffre’s art that traces the beginning of his artistic journey until now. After a speech of our favorite SO GM, Jean Francois Brun or SO Jeff, small canapés and stylish sips will be passed around while art connoisseurs admire the collection of art curated by Deloffre. Open to the public, SO KULT art gallery lets guests and local residents venture into the world of art that transcends the conventional boundaries of beauty.

For more information, please give us a buzz at 02-624-0000 or e-mail h6835(@)  


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