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Smart Soft Asia: Up Your Marketing Game: Excel at Personal Branding

Up Your Marketing Game: How to Excel at Personal Branding | The Tech Case.

Have you ever wondered how they did it?!

How do those people put themselves out there, use their own self as a marketing resource to brand a company or a product?

They must have a natural inclination and perversion towards exposure and extroversion.

Is it true? Not even an ounce.

Some of the best personal branders are introverts: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg, and so on.

For many, personal branding feels like a fuzzy dream out of reach. And yet! It's a skill that does not discriminate across the spectrum of personalities and temperaments.

Here is how to do it.

Beware of the marketing trap: Earn the attention

Chances are you have noticed by now the world has become a dump of information.

  • Problem: Our attention span is shorter and shorter
  • Solution: Attention has become the currency

Seal a contract with your audience and honor it: ‘I give you value, you give me your attention’.

If you can honor your contract, you will be able to build credibility, and even set or bend trends. Just because you have earned the attention.

Get your story straight

What is your true story behind your title? How does it resonate with your audience?

Extract the value from your story and share it with the world, chances are many will be able to identify. 

Let’s take my story as an example,

In 2015, I took a leap of faith and enrolled in a 6 months intensive course in a programming school in Paris. I had a new dream: to become a Mobile Application Developer & System Integrator. Yay! 

In 2016, I interned as an Android Developer at SMARTSOFT ASIA.

I had the chance to work hand in hand with a mentor who refused to make a difference between me and a regular engineer. Needless to say, I’ve suffered but I’ve reached.

3 months down the road, Philippe, our MD, hired me as an Android Developer with a plan in mind: learn the science of things to excel at the science of people.

In 2017, I was missing people already!:D I decided to learn communication & public speaking on a professional level, in a Toastmasters Club for which I became the President.

My message is the following,

To reach where you want to be, sometimes you have to reverse your gear and take the time to learn; the process is just as worth it as the outcome.

Link your story to your company's story

Philippe and I were two minds that thought alike: plant the seed from the roots to grow high.

I’ve known Philippe since 2007, I was 24, and him 26.  

He was the Lead Developer in an IT security company while I was a sales and marketing intern with a passion for fun. 

At that time, Philippe had a dream: To turn ideas into indispensable products. So was SMARTSOFT ASIA’s mission when he founded the company in 2012.

Later on, experience kicked in and shifted our mission to Turn projects into products that work, as planned. 

Today SMARTSOFT ASIA’s strength lies in the science of people for its people, combined with a frank flair for recruitment.

Learn to tame your fear of exposure

Building awareness takes time: dare to speak, create, post and ask. 

  • Be creative

Dare to submit your originality to the approval of your audience.

You will find your audience will silently enjoy what you have to say; if you want them to react, just ask.

Branding yourself is first and foremost a game against yourself. 

Know your audience

Speak to an audience that wants to hear what you have to say, otherwise you become noise.

Learn to shape a vision

Learn to articulate and convey exactly what you mean, choose the best words to shape pictures in your audience's mind.

Invest in learning how to write, speak and communicate through words and images: joining a Toastmasters Club helps.

Build a one liner you can pull off anytime

Use it anytime you meet someone worth sharing it with,

  • Expose the problem
  • Introduce the solution
  • Ensure happy ending

Here is an illustration of my one liner at SMARTSOFT ASIA,


‘We understand you don’t want to go through the risk of messy project management, increased budgets and endless timelines.


We have hired A+ teams of agile developers and project managers qualified to contain your project with quality, on time and on budget.


So you know you can sleep on both ears at night, your job is safe”

Find your medium and learn to excel at it

Find out what works best for you and set yourself apart from others, unleash your creativity! 

  • You’re good at speaking: Multiply your interventions and exposure.
  • You’re good at designing: Design the best visuals that will appeal to your audience.
  • You’re good at writing: Emphasize on articles.
  • You’re good in front of a camera: Shoot videos and start your YouTube channel.

Keep in mind that first times are always drafts, keep at it until your draft becomes a grip, and your grip becomes a skill.

Build your presence

Be where you audience expects you to be,

Be it Newsletters, Networking chambers, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Medium, Twitter, LINE, YouTube, Meetup, etc.

  • Be relevant
  • Be frequent (only if you’re relevant!)
  • Be regular

Cultivate your 'golden triangle'

Develop your aura, and keep a balance,

  • Ethos: Leverage your credibility and authority (experience & certifications)
  • Logo: Expand your knowledge.
  • Pathos: Arouse emotions and imagination

Personal branding is about managing your audience’s attention and directing it onto what you think will matter to them.

Click here to watch the seminar.

Hinda Zamiti - Full Article HERE  and Ms. Hinda Zamiti Linkedin 

Business Developer, Communicator, Networker - Tech.

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