Samitivej Hospitals are encouraging people to be aware of colon cancer

Samitivej Hospitals are encouraging people to be aware of colon cancer.

Why should I get a colonoscopy at age 45?
Statistics show the majority of new cases of colon cancer worldwide occur in patients aged 45 years and older. Most patients—men and women—had already experienced symptoms by the time they sought diagnosis, and their cancers had reached an advanced stage. Studies have also found that risk factors for colon cancer are directly related to age:

  • In younger patients, the chance of having colon cancer is less than 10%
  • Between the ages of 40-50, the likelihood of colon cancer increases to 20-30% 
  • For those aged 50 and over, the chance of a diagnosis increases to 30-40%

Research also found that Individuals with a direct family history of colon cancer (father, mother or siblings) are at 2-3 times greater risk than the general population.

Symptoms = Advanced colon cancer
Samitivej is campaigning to prevent colon cancer. 

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