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Quick tips to reach your best productivity

We all struggle to do everything on time and to reach deadlines. Find out how to reach a better productivity to do everything you want right on time. We all have days where we wonder why a day is only 24 hours and how we would need twice to do everything.

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1st: Set yourself priorities.

Most of the time we get completely overwhelmed by the amount of tasks we have and it is always hard to find from where to start. You should find where is your time going and start taking care of this. A way to start is to create categories: Business Meetings, Social Media, Email/Communication, Working on presentations, Preparing quotations, Personal time… Then allocate time for each and create a ranking on which categories are more important than others. You can prioritize according to which activities have an influence on your company’s KPI.


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2nd: Learn to delegate

Yes it is simple as this, sometimes it is not easy and you do not want to bother your colleagues but that is a key success for your own success. Each person of your team has their own skills and own strengths, take this into your own advantage and ask others to help you. You will not only gain time but you will also learn to trust others and create a good relationship with your team members. You can use communications’ tool such as direct messaging app such as Slack. This tool will help you to manage different conversations and collaborate between colleagues.  


3rd: Try to automate some tasks

Nowadays with digital tools, you do not have to do everything. You can schedule, plan, organize tasks to save time and focus on tasks that really require you being focused. These tools will speed up the process and get you some free time. You want to get a better overview of your tasks? You can use Trello to create to-do list and boards for projects. This collaborative work management tool will help you to visualize workflows and therefore, get a global overview of the project and its steps. Trello is focusing on the principles of Kanban by better communicating through visual management.


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4th: Manage your time

You already have set categories and time; it does not mean that it is the best solution for you. Take time to reconsider your method throughout the day. Flexibility is the most important advantage to enhance productivity. If you feel frustrated, tired then pick another approach until you find the good one for you.


5th: Don’t stop on small things

The most time consuming tasks are the small things such as checking social media, checking email, answering to emails…

A first step for being more productive it to check less, not twice every hour but once every two hours. This way you won’t spend most of your time on something that is not important. You can also use the “OHIO” technique: only handle it once. When you start answering to customers, or start checking your social media, just do it once. You read the main information: sender, subject and content. Once you read it, you will decide if you should answer and how. Then do it right there and don’t push it to do it later. C:\Documents and Settings\MARKETING\My Documents\Downloads\entrepreneur-2557104_1920.jpg


6th: Stop to start planning and thinking


Don’t rush in your objective, take time to consider it and find the best way to comprehend. Sometimes you don’t need much time to think but doing it will save you hours of work and trouble.


Last one: Go home, get time for yourself.

It happened to all of us, you stay until late at the office and you expect that you will get more time the next day. It never happens and you get tired,

Taking breaks and time for you will boost your productivity and creativity. Don’t forget to go on holidays, to take breaks, it will help you to get a fresh new start and be more productive.


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