Opening Primocare Ari

Primocare is a brand-new business model of medical services developed by Bgrimm with . Primocare provides the most convenient access for primary/preventive care with high quality services. The first flagship clinic was opened in February 2021 located near the B.Grimm’s headquarters on Krungthep Kreetha Road. Since then, three more locations have been opened in Silom Complex 5th floor, Empire Tower on Sathorn 4th floor and the latest one end April in la Villa Ari on the 1st floor.

PrimoCare Medical provides convenience, high quality and highly connected services, trust with the professionalism of our healthcare providers and value for money in an environment where healthcare cost increases twice as fast as the inflation for the past 5 years.

BGrimm has been in Thailand for 145 years investing and diversifying its activities in various healthcare areas such as production sites with the biggest Thai pharmaceutical acquisition made in 2022 with Unison - Medline, in Digital Healthcare to move into our always more connected world and in medical services with Primocare

Primocare provides OPD curative and preventive cares for both retail consumers but also and especially for corporations where we develop tailor made packages and services depending on needs and budget. 

Our healthcare professionals, not consultants, are selected for their empathy and relationship development capacity with the patients. We have doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists for mental health as well as some specialists for lifestyle, weight management and some modern NCDs such as diabetes. We also naturally provide vaccination campaigns, Corporate health Check ups and all kind of medical certificates for work permit or employment for ex. We can also deliver workshops and first aid lifesavings certification for the employees to work in a secure and safe environment.

Primocare is connected to all main healthcare insurances in order to provide convenience and cashless payment for employees. If the company does not use any group health insurance, then we tailormade highly competitive packages allowing more flexibility and greater employee benefits that insurances generally do not cover such as Office Syndrome management, stress management or mental health. Direct invoicing to the company also reduces the administrative burden for all.

Coming and partnering with Primocare is the guaranty of satisfaction for both the company and its employees. We work on economic solutions to improve the employees benefits and productivity towards both mental and physical health.

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