Novessence 4th Year Anniversary at Siam Discovery!

Don't miss Novessence 4th Year Anniversary at Siam Discovery, Ecotopia on this coming Saturday from 2pm to 5pm!

Let's celebrate this special moment together with free workshops, free healthy activities and many surprises!

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The story begins with Emilie, founder of Novessence, and her first child, Antoine, born in 2010 in Thailand.

When it came to care about her baby boy, this French young mum was seeking for the safest and healthiest products for her son.

She started to look at the labels to identify the potentially harmful ingredients in care products to avoid on her baby’s sensitive skin. The list was so humongous that she decided to learn how to make simple natural products by herself so that she could protect her baby’s health. She trained in Aromatherapy and Natural Cosmetology in France. She became even more aware of the danger of traditional cosmetics and she started to do cosmetics and skin care by her own for her family and friends. 

By being a mum, she had the feeling that many women were also getting more and more health conscious, for themselves and also for their loved ones. She believed the amazing concept of creating our own cosmetics could be spread among these women seeking healthy, efficient and personalized skin cares.

So her passion became a project and the project became Novessence.

Today Novessence has a complete range of high quality natural ingredients and organic brands that she sourced from France.

Emilie regularly hosts DIY cosmetic workshops to share her knowledge and make sure no one has to choose between beauty and health.

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