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Our approach is original since we take into account financial and non-financial elements such as human capital to accompany the development of our customers and they can attest to this.



-- Pierre Peyret, Head of COMITATUS (France) & Associate Partner at ORBIS Strategy (Thailand)


M.Pierre Peyret has been involved in the financial international markets for more than 25 years. He started as an administrative and financial manager, then became an administrative and financial director in international SME/SMIs. He also served as Managing Director in various SME/SMI companies. His outstanding experience in this field allows him to advise entrepreneurs concerning creation, company takeover, company transfer, and even managers in their R&D projects, in Thailand, in France and in all the ASEAN area.

Pierre, can you give us a quick presentation of yourself?

I am 54 years old and share my life between France and Thailand. From a professional perspective, I have had positions with high financial responsibilities (financial management) and I have also been Managing Director for 25 years in several SME/SMI and medium-sized companies. I have also participated in many creations of companies, merger and acquisition activities, company transfers or liquidations. Moreover, I have realized funding files for R&I projects, but also development files and fundraising. I have always shared my knowledge and experience with my teams by putting the human relationship at the heart of our collaboration.                                                                                                       

 In 2008, I decided to create an enterprise specialized in accompanying SME /SMI Directors (Comitatus, my company, means accompany in Latin) through all their development strategy projects (including M&A, transfer of company process, and projects’ organization and funding).

It was a hard thought decision, based on the fact that Directors are often lonely during the decision-making process, without a sparring partner to exchange ideas about daily-life subjects. We intervene in complementarity with usual advisers, such as an accountant or a lawyer (responsible for your legal acts, and there is much to do!).

In 2015, ORBIS Strategy was established as a result of the complementarity between ORBIS and Comitatus services, but also in terms of expertise and human approach.

Comitatus’ operating area is France, while ORBIS Strategy is present on the Thai market and Asean market. Can you explain your fields of intervention and your operating process?

Comitatus is indeed our French company, created in 2008, and I am its Managing Director. Comitatus has then partnered up with ORBIS to establish ORBIS Strategy, company dedicated to francophone businesses development in Asia.

ORBIS Strategy is a Bangkok-based development strategy consulting company, which is also active through Orbis Alliance teams in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong-Kong, Manila and Singapore.

Currently, we are not physically established in Cambodia, but we have a partnership with a local company, as in Vietnam. Thus, we continue to develop our area of expertise, namely:

Accompanying francophone businesses through their development in Asia (China, ASEAN) and their projects: Merger and Acquisition, company’s valuation, business plan, subsidiary organization (Anglo-Saxon accounting, reporting, indicators, optimization, cash-flow follow-up); seeking potential partners; creation or acquisition of company; implementation (research of premises or facilities, hiring, dialogue with local administration, customs…); fund raising; etc.

ORBIS gathers multiples professions, such as: lawyers; accountants; auditors, intellectual property specialists. Therefore, with ORBIS, we provide a turnkey and custom-made service by combining all or parts of these professions. Accessibility for SME/SMI and medium-sized companies to these services is guaranteed.

With regards to Comitatus, the organization acts as a link in France with French companies and may advise Asian companies about French market penetration.                                                        

Comitatus carries on its accompanying missions, such as: company acquisition; transfer of company preparation; transfer of company; long-terms and circulating assets financing, financial organization and margins optimization; indicators, management; project management; etc.

You have given some presentations at the Franco Thai Chamber of Commerce (FTCC). What do you expect to provide to French entrepreneurs? What are the major issues?

First of all, I would like to thank the FTCC for its warm welcome and this opportunity.

Both the Business plan and the treasury management workshops went well. The audience was involved with these issues, and asked relevant questions, whether they were confirmed Directors, junior entrepreneurs, or entrepreneurs to-be.

I had in front of me a kind of audience I have been used to since my professional career began, with of course an ASEAN and/or Thailand specificity and a pleasing enthusiasm. There are many similarities between countries in terms of finance, accounting and management, even if some differences still remain. Our transversal expertise approach allows us to help francophone entrepreneurs established in Asean. We position ourselves in highly technical fields, so when a Director or one to-be admits to have benefited from our support, from a short or long-term perspective, it justifies our approach.

Our approach is original since we take into account financial and non-financial elements such as human capital to accompany the development of our customers and they can attest to this.

When handling specific issues, our intervention is complementary to Director’s advisors’ ones.

Contact: Pierre PEYRET

Phone in Thailand: +(66) (0) 98 329 6266

Phone in France: + (33) (0) 662 197 753

Email: pierre(@)




ORBIS is a proud member of Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce (FTCC).

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