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Background story

Yohann is the managing director of Bangkok First Aid today, a rather different life compared to the one he used to have. Indeed, it is as a military in the French army and particularly at the French Foreign Legion that Yohann began to develop his medical experience on the ground. After several years serving for his country, Yohann decided to move towards close protection services and became an Emergency Medical Technician, before packing his suitcases to Thailand.


Mission in French Guyana and assistance to the people of the Amazonia. 

The reason why

During his travels throughout Thailand, Yohann quickly realised that there was a significant lack of trained first aiders in the country to provide basic life support and respond to emergency situations. Aside for the humanitarian benefit, he viewed this as an opportunity to share his by now extensive experience to teach people to become familiar with life saving techniques and knowledge of utilising necessary equipment such AED machines, first aid kits etc.

Primary & Secondary Care training course at the workplace.


“Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) often is fatal. Irreparable damage or death can occur in 4-6 minutes. In Bangkok, paramedics take an average of 10-15 minutes to arrive. However, people or staff who are trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), automated external defibrillator (AED) and first aid skills can make the difference between life and death. CPR does keep the blood flowing to the core organs with some oxygen, allowing time for defibrillation with an AED and advanced care by Emergency Medical Services. Immediate CPR & AED can triple a patient’s chance of survival.” 

Along with his colleagues the mission of Bangkok First Aid is to maintain secure environments in households, in public areas and in the workplace.

What they provide

The team at Bangkok First Aid provide several Basic Life Support (BLS) training courses which are available in Thai, French or English eg CPR & AED, Primary and Secondary Care, Care for Children etc. A full list and more information is available at 

CPR & AED training course at the home place

All participants will gain a wealth of knowledge and practical skills but also, crucially, they will receive an internationally recognized certification from the world renowned Emergency First Response® organization. Emergency First Response® courses have widespread international more than 175 countries today around the world.

Bangkok First Aid is also proud to provide a variety of essential equipment such as first aid kits, AED machines and AED cabinets. Click on the image to see their full range.

Next steps

We are passionate about building confidence to save lives. By providing enjoyable and accredited courses people become empowered and skilled in potentially saving a life. Yohann and his team can deliver courses to individuals, families, organizations, corporations, government departments, retail parks and much more.

Please contact them to discuss your requirements in more detail –



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