Member Company of the Month "Bestar": February 2019

Bestar is a company specializing in all matters related to company formation in Singapore, including the process of setting up a subsidiary in Singapore.
Their team offers personalized incorporation and registration services to investors from Thailand, France, and many other countries. Singapore is a top location to do business in Asia and many foreign entrepreneurs are attracted by the low taxation regime and the general business climate.
Bestar provides complete services to those who are just starting a company as well as for those investors who need services for an existing company.

Complete company incorporation services in Singapore

Their team at Bestar assists investors throughout all of the incorporation stages, starting with the pre-company formation decisions, such as choosing a company type and name. These two steps are essential and the chosen type of legal entity will partly determine the incorporation process. The main pre-incorporation and post-incorporation services they provide are the following:

  • choosing a type of company: the private limited company is the most commonly used business forms but others such as the sole proprietorship, the partnerships or the local public company can be suited to some investors; their team advises you on their characteristics and helps you choose one that suits your business needs.
  • preparing the company documents: a set of documents are needed for the purpose of registering the company and their team can help investors draw up the Memorandum and Articles of Association among others.
  • register the new company: their company incorporation agents will assist you when making the needed submissions with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority in Singapore.
  • Start your business: they will also assist with any needed post registration services such as applying for special permits and licenses, opening a corporate bank account, secretarial services, and general corporate compliance support.

Thai and French investors as well as other international entrepreneurs can reach out to one of their agents at to find out more about their specific services and our special incorporation packages.

Integrated services for Singaporean companies

Their services are designed for foreign entrepreneurs who wish to do business in Singapore, whether they plan to relocate here or to establish a branch or a subsidiary. They offer complete and personalized solutions and they work closely with their clients to answer any business and corporate questions. From business incorporation to opening bank accounts or offering virtual office services, their team offers tailored solutions to an extensive range of corporate needs in Singapore.


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