Ludovic Nicolas: Your Next Photographer

After studying plastic art, I soon started in the world of work as an assistant photographer.

My hard work and commitment  allowed me to walk along with some of world famous photographers such as Mario Testino, Jean-Baptiste Mondino or Philip Lorca-Dicorcia.

I consider my apprenticeship with these “masters”, which lasted over a decade, to be a lifetime experience, but, at 30 years old, craving for a new challenge, I emigrated to NY where I stayed for 8 years.

My move coincided with the birth of the digital world and it was only natural to create Roundcube, a digital photography company offering capture, post-production/ retouching, printing and archiving.

Good to me, New York allowed my career as a photographer to take off, with a first job in fashion and beauty working for the advertising campaigns for Lancôme and Mac.

My curiosity and my desire to discover new themes, have since allowed me to exert in all areas of photography but my preferences remain fashion, beauty, hotels, interior design, architecture and jewelry.

Asia, a childhood destination dream, has become a reality and I am up for this new, maybe last, but not least challenge.

As the Chinese proverb goes, and everyone will agree, “One picture is worth ten thousand words" but … to this already magical act of the photography, I try to add a personal quality touch as I don't only take pictures, I create images.

Strong of these 20 years+ of experience, I propose you to use my know-how and let me transport you into this world of wonders: Photography.


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