Jhol x Topgolf Megacity - Get your fill of coastal Indian goodies from Jhol at Buste

Bangkok – Topgolf Megacity, the one-of-a-kind sports and entertainment

complex in Bangkok, treats food lovers to an array of specially created coastal Indian menus by Chef Hari Naya of celebrated, award-winning Indian restaurant Jhol. The flavors of India’s southern coast are transformed into new mouthwatering menus: Injipuri Pork Ribs and Kerela Mutton Roast, that will be available exclusively at Busted for one day only on Saturday 10 February 2024.

The special gastronomic event kicks off at 6pm and concludes at 9pm at Busted, Topgolf Megacity’s iconic food bus. Whet your appetite to get your motor running with Passion Fruit Pani Puri, one of India’s most-loved street food menu, followed by Kerela Mutton Roast, a succulent roast dish with young coconut, toasted coconut and onion. Not to be missed is Indian cuisine’s all-time favorite Pothi Biryani, Jhol’s main dish for the evening. Another highlight includes Pothi Biryani where pork spareribs are grilled to perfection and served with tasty tamarind sauce and deep-fried shredded ginger - a dish that will surely appeal to Thai palate. Others include Pothi Biryani and dessert dish Pankufi. Led by Chef Sanchit Sah, the special menus are priced from 220++ THB.

Opened in 2020, Jhol is a Michelin-starred restaurant established by Indian chef Hari Naya. His passion for food started from his mother who tried to discipline young and unruly Hari by keeping him in the kitchen to help out with small tasks. Impressed by the artistry of food and cooking portrayed by the blockbuster animation, “Ratatouille”, Hari set out to become a professional chef from a very young age. After graduation from a cooking school, Hari travelled extensively to every region of India, savoring and deconstructing local flavors to create his own. Inspired by culinary staples in Chef Hari’s hometown of Udupi on the coasts of India, Jhol elevates local dishes to a new height while honoring the heritage and customs of Udupi’s culinary cultures.

Topgolf Megacity, an all-in-one destination of play, food, and fun, features five bars and restaurants, a Topgolf Academy, and The Puttyard, the best 18-hole minigolf course in Bangkok located next to Megabangna shopping center. For more information, please visit:

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