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Introduction to Trad & Corp: International experts in Consulting Management

Due to the unprecedented situation the world is facing, many news barriers appeared everywhere in every market at an accelerate pace. In this anxious climate, Trad&Corp is rising as a breaking solution on every Import and Export issues. Let’s tell you more about it.  


Trad&Corp is a recent member of Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce. We support the growth of companies by providing high-quality worldwide services in: Regulatory affairs, Registration, Custom Permits, Risk Management, Auditing etc. Indeed, our services reply to all Import and Export issues in different sectors - including Healthcare, pharma, Retail, Health and Tech.


Plus, as an innovative company, at Trad&Corp observing and understanding the trends and changes in our society is the key. The huge challenge we are living today also had an impact on us as Humans. Indeed, COVID-19 has altered the experience of being a customer, an employee, a citizen and a human. That is why Trad&Corp is considering the humankind in the center of all relationships.


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