Introducing the DBWT Mentoring Program by Skywave Techonologies

Introducing the DBWT Mentoring Program: Meet Our Mentors from the Digital Mentoring Circle of our Digital Business Women Thailand (DBWT) project, proudly brought to you by Skywave Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

About Digital Mentoring Circle: The Digital Mentoring Circle is a group of highly experienced Businesswomen, female CEOs, experts or entrepreneurs across industries who volunteer to become mentors and coaches
• For career development and encouragement of the younger generation
• To help them build a strong network in the business community
• Create a Circle of Trust among themselves to support each other
• Contribute to an atmosphere of psychological safety and mutual understanding

Let’s face it, the business world is still a ‘Men’s World’, and successful female leaders are still underrepresented. It is hard for us to find and connect with like-minded C-level women to share their problems, challenges with and to get useful feedback, support and advice.

Whether you aspire to elevate your career or you're an accomplished woman in leadership seeking to join the "Circle of Trust," feel free to contact us at members@digitalbusinesswomenthailand.
We look forward to welcoming you into our empowering community! Video:

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