French smart grid experts at Asian Utility Week Bangkok

French smart grid experts at Asian Utility Week
Bangkok – May 31 to June 1, 2016

Business France will be running a French Pavilion at Asian Utility Week, the Asian version of European Utility Week. Asian Utility Week is Asia’s biggest event dedicated to smart energy management systems. For two days, Bangkok will host experts and showcase innovation. 

Over the next ten years, South Asian countries are set to invest around $13.6 billion in smart network infrastructure. Plans are in place to roll out more than 37 million smart meters in the region over the next decade, representing a total investment of $8.8 billion. There are also plans to invest $2.5 billion in monitoring and control of the distribution network through sensors and cutting-edge communication technologies, as well as in modernizing electricity transmission networks.

 South Asian countries are only just beginning to modernize their electrical infrastructure. Strong growth in their GDP (almost 6% a year out to 2018) and their growth in general will lead to increased demand for electricity. Programs to increase electrification using renewable resources will also stimulate investment. 

It is in this promising environment that French experts will offer their expertise and innovative products with the aim of identifying qualified partners in Thailand and South Asia more generally. France has global leaders at every level of the value chain as well as a base of innovative, high-performing SMEs and mid-tier enterprises in the energy technology industry and the digital and electronics sectors, including electrical network operators, telecoms operators, engineering firms, integrators, equipment suppliers, component manufacturers, ICT firms, etc.

France’s expertise in this field is well established. It is supported by a high-performance, competitive and stable electrical system: France already has an intelligent transmission network that offers a high level of observability and a smart medium-voltage power grid. Thanks to these advantages, France now has one of the highest quality supplies of electrical power in Europe and the world, while also delivering a high level of performance to consumers and a healthy balance between costs and benefits.

 France is Europe’s leading country in terms of investment in smart grids. It has a high capacity to invest in R&D and innovation: more than 20 demonstration projects are currently underway as part of the National Investment Program. Over a hundred smart grid projects are currently in progress on French territory, as well as numerous export projects.

 The experience of French operators is now highly valued by many international players. French network operators, notably RTE and ERDF, are now exporting their expertise in the form of support for foreign managers as they roll out smart grid technologies. Investment and supply-side dynamics make the French electricity supply network one of the most reliable in the world, offering a world-class level of availability.  

The French electrical sector in figures:
- the world’s number eight producer of electricity
- Europe’s leading exporter of electricity, ahead of Germany and the Czech Republic
- the world’s seventh-largest exporter of electrical equipment 

For more information:

Sophie Issovits, Project Manager
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E-mail: sophie.issovits(@)

List of exhibitors in the Business France pavilion:

ADEME: state operator supporting the ecological and energy transition.
AUGIER: one of the world’s leading specialists in medium-voltage energy transmission and management.
GRIDBEE COMMUNICATIONS: helps major players in the fields of production process optimization and smart grids develop their markets by supplying M2M communication solutions tailored to the demands of their end customers.
KERLINK: has developed a comprehensive offering for linking fixed equipment (energy meters etc.) or mobile equipment (public transport buses, rail coaches, etc.) to companies’ information systems. Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication solutions for interconnecting remote equipment.
SAGEMCOM: the Energy & Telecom division houses Sagemcom’s expertise in telecommunications and smart metering, allowing the group to supply personalized connected systems for utilities, telecoms operators and service operators worldwide.
SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC: a global specialist in energy management and global leader in energy efficiency.

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