French Government Measures to Assist Companies & Workers Impacted by COVID-19

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Since January 2020, an epidemic of Coronavirus COVID-19, qualified as a pandemic by the World Health Organization, has spread from China and now concerns 185 countries, among which France. 

The French Government is totally mobilized to take the necessary measures to curb the propagation of this virus on the French territory in accordance with the World Health Organisation recommendations. 

An important effort to provide detailed and updated information on the evolution of the epidemic is conducted by the Government (Government Website). Precise recommendations are published daily, notably : Conseils aux voyageurs (Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs), points de situation et précautions sanitaires (Ministry of Health), questions-réponses actualisées quotidiennement (Prime Minister’s website). A call center providing all relevant information is also available: 0 800 130 000 (in French only). 

From a health point of view, several contingency plans (ORSAN, White Plan in hospitals, Blue Plan in retirement homes) have been implemented as soon as the first suspicious cases were detected in order to optimize the mobilization of the health system and prepare all health institutions and professionals to a possible situation of active circulation of the virus on the whole French territory. 

France has activated several R&D and clinical trial programs at the national and European level, notably through the REACTING initiative, and has pushed at the EU and G7 level for a better sanitary and R&D coordination in order to produce biological test diagnostics and to find leads for treatment of COVID-19. 

From an economic standpoint, the government launched as soon as March 2020 an action plan to support and assist businesses impacted by the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19). This massive plan was just reinforced to protect employment as well as our health system and to allow a swift economic recovery 

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