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Free South-East Asia IPR advice for European SMEs

The IPR SME Helpdesk supports European Union (EU) small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to both protect and enforce their Intellectual Property (IP) rights in or relating to China, Latin America, Southeast Asia through the provision of free information and services. These take the form of jargon-free, first-line, confidential advice on intellectual property and related issues, plus training, materials and online resources.


Ø  The South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk provides free information and services in the form of jargon-free first-line confidential advice on intellectual property and related issues, plus training, materials and online resources.


Ø  The Helpdesk raises awareness about IPR matters in South-East Asia affecting European SMEs, and helps them make informed IPR decisions.


Available to all EU SMEs, the Helpdesk co-operates with European SME networks, chambers of commerce and industry associations to offer these services free of charge:


Helpdesk Enquiry Service – Confidential Advice
Individual SMEs and SME intermediaries can submit IPR enquiries directly to the Helpdesk via phone, email or in person, getting access to a panel of experts to receive free and confidential first-line advice within 3 working days.

Training Materials
Industry and business-focused guides and training materials address IPR issues in the South-East Asia region by:
- IP specific guides, e.g. patents & trade marks
- Country IP factsheets: IP overviews of each of the 10 South-East Asia countries
- Industry specific guides, e.g. textiles, machinery, creative industries
- Business guides, e.g. technology transfer, manufacturing
The Helpdesk can also supply intermediaries with articles about IPR in the South-East Asia region written by IP experts for partners’ newsletter content or other publications.


Online Services
- The multi-lingual online portal provides easy access for all EU SMEs to Helpdesk information and services, including Helpdesk guides, event information, and webinar recordings.
- Users can subscribe to our blog Your IP Insider, our project newsletter, and our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn feeds, to stay up to date on project activities and South-East Asia IPR news.


Training Events and Webinars
The Helpdesk organizes training events and webinars in Europe and South-East Asia on South-East Asia IPR protection and enforcement, tailored to the needs of SMEs:
- General IPR issues, including IP registration and establishing an IP enforcement strategy.
- Practical business challenges, e.g. choosing business partners, attending trade fairs, licensing.
- Industry specific trainings
- One-to-one sessions: free 20 minute one-on-one consultations with an IP expert are available at most training events.
- Webinars: 45 minute online presentations + 30 minute live Q&A, from the convenience of your own office or home. All recordings are available for free download from our website post-session.


Working together
For more information and to discuss how we can work together, please contact
Tel: +84 8 3825 8116 | Fax: +84 8 3827 2743 



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