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Focus on "Cote D'Azur Spirits"

Cote d Azur Spirits is a premium beverages importer and distributor, based in the center of Bangkok, along the famous Sukhumvit Road.

Our philosophy is to bring QUALITY and TRADITION to our consumers with Champagne from France, Sparkling Wines from Italy, and a World Premium Vodka from Monaco / France. Our potential and valued customers could be Restaurants and Hotels, Concept Bars / Top Roof Bars, as well as Individuals/ Private Customers.

We believe in houses / brands, coming with a true story and family or province tradition (known as “craft” products).
We would like to share the culture and the pleasure of amazing tastes with our dear customers. Our products are stored in a wine cellar with strict compliance with the temperature and humidity (15 C and 70% humidity).

Here is a brief presentation of our products available on the Thai market:
• Champagne Louise Marie Bennezon Tradition Brut
• Champagne Louise Marie Bennezon Rosé

La Maison Bennezon is located in the village of Courville (from the Champagne region), just a few miles away from Reims (“capital city” of Champagne)

• Champagne Florence Duchene Réserve 1er Cru
La Maison Florence Duchene is located in the village of Cumieres (from the Champagne region), just a few miles away from Epernay (birth village of Champagne)
• Punto Oro Sparkling Wine Extra Dry (Val d’Oca)
• Punto Oro Sparkling Wine Extra Dry “Gold Edition” (Val d’Oca)
• Moscato Sparkling Wine Sweet (Val d’Oca)

The Val d’Oca cooperative, is located in the village of Valdobbiadene, with its famous “Glera” vineyards producing the best Prosecco (in the Veneto region)
• Monte-Carlo Vodka

Spirit Monaco produces this vodka with a “five times” distillation of wheat grains (distillery in Cognac area), added with desalinated water from the Principality of Monaco. This creates a precious and premium assembly with an “unmatch” taste.

Enjoy and taste the spirit ... or ... let yourself be enchanted with the bubbles.


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