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FiddAsia: Investment opportunity with a world class plantation professional

FiddAsia and Asia Plantation Capital warmly welcomes you to attend Agarwood, scenting sustainable growth.


Aquilaria is the most expensive tree in the world due to its rarity from the extracted Oud, also known as liquid gold as well as wood chip and wood powder also play a major ingredient to most incense markets to the entire world. Since 2002 aquilaria is listed as a critically endangered species caused by massive deforestation in Asia.


Asia Plantation Capital established for more than 20 years with brand philosophy of People Planet Profit. APC put 3P top to every single activity they are doing. They are developing business through people by giving the community and growing together. They are professional foresters. They do not plant with greedy but plant several trees in order to give nutritions to the lands. Because of these three it gives back company sustainable growth with healthy Agarwood trees and of course profit.


Total solution is also what APC brings to clients. Agarwood trees are dangerous to extinction that mean it’s impossible for anyone to trade agarwood trees but only who are certified by CITES.


World class plantation organisation, APC developed services across the country with 160 plantations, 14 offices in 4 continents and factories in Dubai, Thailand and Malaysia.


Kindly book your places in advance as with our partner we are bound to respect a strict protocol in order to comply with the legal requirements related to the Covid-19 health crisis.  Seats are also limited by the capacity of the room.

Date : November 25th, 2020

14.00 -15.30 PM (English Session)

Registration please complete below form RSVP within November 23, 2020.

Registration Form HERE


The location is Asia Plantation Capital Bangkok office, Goldenland building, 7 floor (BTS Chidlom) or click HERE

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