Northern Thailand, renowned for its rich, vibrant culture and famed Lanna cuisine

Bangkok, 6 March 2024 – Northern Thailand, renowned for its rich, vibrant culture and famed Lanna cuisine, is a region that captivates the imagination with its rugged mountains, scenic valleys and cooler climate. Its culinary traditions tantalise the palate with a symphony of bold flavours and aromatic spices. Should you find yourself in Erawan Shrine areas and craving a taste of the North, be sure to make your way over to Erawan Tea Room at Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok, where an all-new à la carte menu awaits for a limited time. 


From 1 to 31 March 2024, indulge in the classic ‘Taste of the North’ menus at Erawan Tea Room. Crafted using authentic recipes these menus offer a delightful culinary journey reminiscent of the region’s distinctive flavours. 

The new menu, aptly named Taste of the North, was crafted by Erawan Tea Room’s Head Chef Et Pantit Jindajitawat. It shines with six essential must-try dishes that combine fresh, locally sourced and organic ingredients, all prepared with time-honoured techniques and homemade curry paste. 

Taste of the North à la carte menus feature the following dishes: 

  • Khao Soi Nua See Krong – Possibly one of the best-known Lanna dishes, Khao Soi has been acclaimed as the world’s best soup in recent years. At Erawan Tea Room, we enhance this culinary delight by adding Nua See Krong or beef ribs, infusing it with our own unique touch. Khao Soi Nua See Krong is an aromatic coconut curry that is spicy and creamy, made with ground chillies, lime and shallots, all lending a sharp flavour. Chef Et uses Tajima Wagyu short ribs as the star of the curry, served with deep-fried crispy egg noodles. 

  • Kanom Jean Nam Ngiao – Kanom Jean Nam Ngiao is a beloved dish made with a spicy red curry broth simmered with various pork meats, accompanied by rice vermicelli and garnished with crispy fried garlic. 

  • Larb Khua Nua – Guests who prefer plant-based meat will be in for a real treat! Larb Khua Nua is a tangy, spicy and delicious salad made with plant-based minced meat and a combination of vegetables, fried garlic, lime juice, chilli flakes and fish sauce.  

  • Gaeng Hang Lay – Gaeng Hang Lay is one of the most soul-warming dishes of all time, where osso buco is slow-cooked with ginger, garlic, tamarind sauce, and a myriad of curry spices, resulting in meltingly tender beef that comes together nicely in a richly fragrant curry sauce. 

  • Yum Jin Gai Hua Plee – Northern spicy chicken soup is enriched with tender banana blossoms and roasted red chillies, offering a savoury and spicy sensation that will enliven your taste buds. 

  • Gai Tord Makwaen – Deep-fried chicken wings are marinated with a unique blend of Thai ingredients and Makwaen, and Sichuan-style peppercorns to give them a distinct fiery flavour and numbing effect. 


To complement these culinary delights, our Thai culinary team has crafted two special smoothies. The Duo Smoothie is a combination of lime juice, fresh mango and Marian plum fruit and jelly, offering refreshing sweet and sour notes. Marian plums are currently in season, and are very fresh from harvest. The other concoction is the Sea Summer Smoothie, which is made with pineapple, lime juice, honey, and sweet basil, giving it a distinctive flavour. 

Embark on a gastronomic journey through the vibrant flavours of Northern Thailand at Erawan Tea Room today, and elevate your dining experience with our exquisite offerings. 

Taste of the North at Erawan Tea Room, Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok 

Available from today until 31 March 2024 

Open daily from 10.00 hrs. – 22.00 hrs. 


For more information or reservations, please contact Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok via telephone on 

02 254 1234, e-mail bangkok.grand(@), or visit


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