Company of the Month: Ata Services

ATa Services is your One Stop Service Solutions in Thailand.
Whether you are a SMB/SME or a large Enterprise, our company propose tailor-made services.
Opened in Thailand in 2008, we have been supporting business in their administrative jobs with a professional and cost-effective service. Focus only on your daily business and let us take care of your HR burden.
ATa Services provides all the services your business need in one invoice. Administrative and HR burden will never be a problem for you anymore!

The company is ruled by a team of internationals to support you in linking your Thai company to your oversea one. ATa Services it is also 28 different nationalities, 11 years of experience and over 2,000 m² of offices.

Our services:

Our websites:

Contact us:

Thierry Guillossou, CEO : thierry(@)

Witchanee Namthip, Office Operation Manager: witchanee(@)

Anne Thomas, Marketing Operations Coordinator: anne.thomas(@)


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