Can you buy Real Estate in Thailand with Bitcoin?

Buying real estate in Thailand with crypto-currencies

Everywhere you look these days, you can’t fail to see or hear people talking about crypto-currencies, especially Bitcoin. Since its explosion onto the scene, Bitcoin has changed the way people are investing their money and has made cryptocurrencies a legitimate financial option. With the increasing number of people investing their money in Bitcoins and the Thai real estate market being severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, there are numerous opportunities for people to buy property in Thailand and also bet on the reopening of the country. Thailand recognises Bitcoin(BTC) as a legitimate currency (as well as several other crypos listed in the Royal Enactment on Digital Asset Businesses BE 2561 (REDA) such as Ethereum – ETH, Ripple – XRP and Stellar – XLM).

Thailand has now granted licenses for numerous crypto exchange brokers, such as Bitkub or Bitazza.

Those exchanges allow users to cash out crypto into Thai Baht and deposit these transactions directly to a Thai bank account.

So is it possible to use your crypto to buy a property in Thailand?


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