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10 reasons on why a company should use LinkedIn?

10 reasons on why a company should use LinkedIn? 
Nowadays social media are everywhere. Most of people see the benefit of using it for a BtoC purpose but you should not underestimate the impact of LinkedIn for your business. LinkedIn is a way to connect with professionals rather than connect with your family and friends such as Facebook.  Here are 10 reasons why your company should use LinkedIn to expand your business.
1 - Involve your employees
You should always include all your employees, not only the marketing team; each and every employee is likely to promote your activity. Employees can share news about your business but also their work in your company. Your workforce should become your brand ambassador. 
2 - Use LinkedIn to increase your visibility and notoriety
LinkedIn is the perfect tool to target and find potential customers that you would not be able to reach otherwise. If you share content regularly, are involved in updating your company’s profile and your employees share content as well, it will create a better notoriety for your brand and services. Add a “call to action” on your LinkedIn page: a link to your website, a direct email to your sales team or a phone number to convert this prospect into a customer.

3 - LinkedIn is a good tool to monitor the competition
You can follow groups matching your business sector and see the kind of news your competitors share. It can give you new ideas to improve your own business and stay aware of what’s next. You can conduct a market research by asking questions directly to your target audience.

4 - Reach your quiet prospect
If there is a prospect you are never able to reach as he never replies to your calls or emails, LinkedIn might be the solution. If you find out that you have a person in common, then this person may be able to introduce you to this unattainable prospect. It is also a way of being more informal and to humanize the exchange.
5 - Analyze the performance of your Company with the Analytics tab
LinkedIn provides a complete analysis of your performances; it can be a way to segment your audience and customize your communication to these different targets. You can also cross the analysis; use Google Analytics to know precisely how many people go to your website from your LinkedIn page. (On your dashboard: Acquisition → Social → Network Referrals.). In addition, some online tools help you to analyze your competitor’s performances on LinkedIn. 

6 - Create a LinkedIn group and participate on other groups
 LinkedIn is giving you the opportunity to create groups and share information within the group. You can share thoughts, ideas, expertise and questions.
You should join groups related to your industry; you can share your best practices but also share your expertise. These groups help you to highlight your profile but also your company’s services or products. 

7 - Use targeted LinkedIn Showcase pages
LinkedIn Showcase pages are extensions of your company page. These pages are a way to showcase customized content or information to a specific target. It allows you to create a personalized experience for specific segment of your audience. The users do not have to follow your company’s page; they can only follow this Showcase Pages. (From your Company page, click on the “Edit’ menu then select “Create a showcase page”)

8 - Fuel your Company’s page with targeted updates
The Company status update are a good way of encouraging people to follow your page, it will help to grow your LinkedIn reach. In addition, you can create status update targeting specific users, such as your groups from your LinkedIn Showcase pages. The more you post, the more you are likely to reach a higher percentage of your unique audience. According to LinkedIn’s research, posting every weekday will allow you to reach 60% of your unique audience. 
9 - LinkedIn Pulse is your new best friend!
LinkedIn Pulse is a tool to find ideas of content or news which is related to content you already share, based on the same topics. There is two ways to use this tool; first, the company can use it to find news regarding their industry, find influencer. The second is to browse news and ideas to help you creating your own news and content. It will help you to keep publishing interesting news on your LinkedIn profile.
10 - Manage and update your own personal profile
In order to promote your company, the profiles of your employees and collaborators should be attractive. There is many ways to increase the attractiveness, such as asking for a recommendation from someone you have worked with. Moreover sharing news, add comments, updating very regularly your profile will help you to stay on top of the news feed.
And a bonus tip: 
11 - Use LinkedIn ads to enhance visibility

LinkedIn offers you the opportunity to advertise by ads. You can target audience based on company industry, job function and company size. The ads are different, sponsored Inmail is used in LinkedIn Messenger to create a personalized content, sponsored content to appear on the news feed of the audience you are targeting. LinkedIn offers you tools to analyse your audience and better understand your target. 

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