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Goût de France / Good France comes back to Thailand on 21 March 2016

After the successful first edition, the Goût de France / Good France event comes back to Thailand in 2016 to celebrate French gastronomy.

Therefore, on 21 March, more than 1.000 chefs on all 5 continents will join the event. Dinners largely inspired by emblematic French dishes will give the opportunity to enjoy the taste of traditional or innovative recipes and to discover diverse flavors.

In Thailand, 14 chefs will put their cooking talents to good use and offer menus with strong French accents, some with Thai influence too, but all sharing the values of “bien-manger” (eating well) and hospitality associated with culinary art.

In order to promote a healthy and tasty cuisine, the dishes will be prepared with low fat, salt, and sugar content, giving prominence to fresh local vegetables and cereals from sustainable agriculture.

The list of participating restaurants is available on the following website:

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