Vincent PourreManaging Director of OPTIMA Training & Consulting

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About the Speaker: 

As the Managing Director of OPTIMA Training & Consulting, Vincent Pourre is on a mission to help companies  develop their top line revenue and increase their profitability. Vincent holds a Masters’ degree in International  Business, Major in Sales & Negotiation from ISEM Business school in France, and has over 20 years of  experience as a Sales professional in 4 continents (Europe, US, Africa and Asia) within various sectors, ranging  from Industrial products, Building & Construction, Software & IT services, and HR outsourcing solutions. 

About OPTIMA Training & Consulting: 

OPTIMA is the exclusive Partner in Thailand of Halifax Consulting, the Leading provider of innovative training  solutions that focus on Sales Performance Management & Optimization. Our mission is to help companies  grow by ensuring their Sales Force performs at their best through ongoing training programs that are practical  and tailor-made to meet the business objectives of each client, using blended learning methods for maximum  efficiency, users’ adoption and measurable results.

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