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ONLINE: Relocating your Business to Thailand and Vietnam

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The complicated situation due to the covid-19 epidemic and/or political instability in countries like Hong Kong or Singapore has made it more attractive to set up a business in Thailand and Vietnam.

The main markets, both production and consumption, are now in Southeast Asia.

In fact, we are seeing more and more relocation of companies, originally based in Hong Kong or Singapore, to Thailand and Vietnam, for reasons of market opportunities, to benefit from a less expensive but highly qualified workforce, or simply to benefit from a better living environment.

This webinar will be an opportunity for us to explain how to relocate your business to Thailand and Vietnam. We will cover two parts, 1) relocating your business, and 2) your personal relocation.

Topics covered

Part 1: Business relocation

  • Types of entities available to relocate a business
  • Average cost;
  • Social and employment cost;
  • Taxes.

Part 2: Personal relocation

  • Visa/TRC;
  • PIT & Estate planning;
  • Current state of entering into the country and projection 2022.


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