Myanmar’s Bleak Future: Inflicted by COVID, Coup and Carnage


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In connection with the military coup and escalating events in Myanmar, the Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce is organising a highly relevant webinar titled “Myanmar’s Bleak Future: Inflicted by COVID, Coup and Carnage” on Monday 26 April 2021 featuring former BBC Correspondent Larry Jagan, one of the foremost experts on Myanmar. His views and insights will help participants to understand the current situation on ground in Myanmar and predict in which direction the situation is developing.


COVID, Coup and Carnage turns Myanmar into a Failed State


Myanmar has been torn apart by violence and bloodshed for the past three months. Since the military seized power on February 1st, more than 600 peaceful protestors have been killed – many in cold blood. Despite the lethal force being used by the police and army, protestors keep appearing on the streets to oppose the coup. The civil disobedience movement has largely brought the country’s government administration, business and the economy to a standstill. The National League for Democracy – which overwhelmingly won last November’s election but which has been annulled by the coup leaders – has formed an interim unity government which is effectively contesting the coup government’s legitimacy. Many of the country’s ethnic armies have thrown their support behind the new alternative government. Myanmar is currently poised to descend into civil war and become a failed state. Can the international community, especially Asean and China intervene to help bring sanity back to the country.


Larry Jagan is currently a freelance correspondent, independent analyst, journalism trainer and media consultant based in Bangkok but regularly visiting Yangon. He is best known for his coverage of Myanmar – which can regularly be found in the Bangkok Post. Before that he was the BBC’s news and current affairs editor for Asia – and the BBC’s Myanmar correspondent for more than 20 years. He is also the author of two books on Myanmar, and numerous academic papers. You can further review Larry’s articles on Myanmar by visiting

During the webinar Larry will unravel;

  • Is there any possibility of international mediation?
  • Will the ethnic rebel groups really risk a return to civil war?
  • On trial for corruption and treason what is the Lady’s future?
  • What are the possible scenarios for an end to the current political impasse?
  • Will the ‘national unity government’ be recognized internationally?
  • What impact are targeted sanctions having?
  • Can the military sustain their reign of terror without military defections?
  • Is Myanmar now already ‘failed state’?
  • Will the UN continue to recognize the maverick Myanmar representative even though he’s been recalled?


Webinar details

Date: Monday, 26 April 2021

Time: 14.00-15.30 Thailand-Indochina time

Platform: Zoom

Ticket fee: Free of charge





  • Registration: Click "Register Now" to enroll in the webinar. If you already ‘signed up’ the system will send you a link to access the webinar few days before the event.




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