Measure the Learning Efficiency with the Return On Investment (ROI) based Evaluation Model


Langue(s) de l'événement
English and Thai

Tarif : For Members: 8,000 THB per person
For Non-Members: 10,000 THB per person
*Vat 7% excluded


L'événement est terminé.


Companies spend millions of THB for training (face to face or online) but how to guarantee the efficiency of training? How to show the Value Added of training (management, soft and technical skills) to the Operation Departments? How to improve training based on clear data and not just feeling? Many companies spent too much time on training and not enough on the evaluation of new behaviours and impacts after training. Building the training evaluation system is essential to show the value of training initiatives.

English and Thai (if all participants are Thai)

Target Group:
HR  or Learning and Development Specialists or Managers

Learning Outcomes:
Understand how to evaluate training at the five levels of evaluation (satisfaction, learning, behaviour, impact, benefit) Plan training evaluation of company training courses in 2022 

Main Content:
Four hours in three sessions split within one month (1h30, 1h30, 1h)

  • Definition of the evaluation system based on the Return on Investment approach
  • Evaluation process to evaluate behaviours and impacts, isolate the training impact, calculate the ROI
  • Review of the five levels of evaluation: from satisfaction to return on investment
  • Review of all evaluation tools for the five levels of evaluation
  • Guidelines to apply evaluation for some company training courses in 2022
  • Preparation of the three evaluation tables on cases of the participants

Specificities, Strengths:

  • Practice on the cases brought by participants
  • The trainer is the only expert in Thailand with two certifications of “Professional of evaluation of HRD projects” from USA (ROI Institute) and the UK (Pearson)
  • Experience sharing of real cases of the measure of the return on investment of training (soft and technical skills)


  • For members: 8,000 THB per person
  • For non-members: 10,000 THB per person

*Vat 7% excluded 




7 janvier 2022
13:30 - 15:00 Session 1
21 janvier 2022
13:30 - 15:00 Session 2
4 février 2022
13:30 - 14:30 Session 3
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