French healthcare industries at Medical Fair Thailand 2019

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11 French companies manufacturing medical devices and products proudly present their latest innovations and technologies at MEDICAL FAIR 2019 from September 11-13, 2019 at BITEC Bang Na, Bangkok.


  • France, an innovative country

French healthcare is an innovative initiative, aiming to bring together all the stakeholders in the French healthcare ecosystem (businesses, researchers, French healthcare professionals, etc.) together for them to jointly promote their activities internationally. The French Healthcare collective brand has one ambition: to coordinate a team approach to stimulate the influence of French savoir-faire and healthcare technologies.

France is the second largest market in Europe for medical devices and the fifth largest in the world. Of the 1,343 French medical device businesses, 92% are SMEs, generating revenues of €28 billion in 2017. The industrial sector generates 85,000 jobs in France, and exports from the sector accounted for more than €7 billion in 2018, up 4%. (Sources: Snitem, MedTech Europe.)

France has enormous innovation potential in the medical device sector, thanks to recognized industrial, scientific and medical expertise. More than half of the businesses in this industry invest in R&D. Innovation in France is supported by advantageous tax breaks, including the research tax credit (crédit impôt recherche – CIR), which covers 30% of R&D expenses for businesses up to €100 million, and 5% above this threshold.

Innovative businesses enjoy a dynamic ecosystem, with the presence in France of more than 20 clusters dedicated to healthcare industries, such as Medicen in Ile de France (Paris region), Lyon Biopôle and Optitec in Marseille.

The medical devices sector in France has a growth model that can be resumed with three terms: “sensible innovation / internationalization / external growth”, with exporting as the main growth driver faced with the restraints of the national market. In this respect, innovation remains a key issue for these businesses, illustrated by the desire to develop solutions integrating new functionalities, provided by e health technologies.

For further information, read our publication “Healthcare, a flagship of French industry”:

  • France at the Medical Fair Thailand 2019

The French Healthcare Pavilion brings together 11 French companies boasting the latest and most prominent French medical innovations, ranging from hygienic bags, medical beds, autopsy solutions, surgical equipment, medical single-use products, medicinal air and vacuum solutions, to one of the most groundbreaking solutions in the treatment of sleep disorders.

This year, the pavilion features the most innovative solutions for an ageing society, from women’s health solutions, medical furniture designed for nursing homes and homecare, to cutting-edge implants and prostheses solutions.

Meet them at French Healthcare Pavilion at entry EH 99, Rows: P – Q
Meet them here:


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