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  • Join us to meet inspiring French and Thai Business leaders, a hotbed of startups, and opportunities to connect with government agencies and investors!!

    Bonjour Future!, a Day dedicated to innovation, is an engaging event that brings the latest French insights and know-how in seven areas set up by the Thai government:

    • Aviation and logistics
    • Food and biotechnology
    • Healthcare
    • Defense
    • Education
    • Smart cities
    • Sustainable development


    The event is organized at the Ananda Development FYI Center by the Thailand Committee of French Foreign Trade Advisors (CCE) in collaboration with all members of Team France Export (Business FranceFTCC) and La French Tech Bangkok.

    Here are some of the highlights of what you can expect:

    • You’ll hear about the best practices in innovation from the largest French business leaders in each of the seven sectors
    • Transformative pitches from rapidly growing startups on how they can help leaders achieve their goals for innovation
    • Attend breakout sessions with startups and top representatives of the most valuable French and Thai companies, including Airbus, Axa, Essilor, Schneider Electric, CP/True, Central, SCG, Thaibev, and many more.
    • Introduce your business to public agencies and investors
    • Connect with entrepreneurs doing business in Asia

      Schedule and Programme: hERE 


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