AI Engineering Training - Empowering Knowledge Workers with AI

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Half day to empower knowledge workers with AI

1. AI Engineering Beginner to Intermediate Level (L1&L2)

1.1 Introduction 

Course Description: 3 hours, 4 chapters, 2 practical exercises 

This engaging 3-hour course, divided into 4 insightful chapters and complemented by 2 hands-on, on-site exercises, will take you through the essentials of GPT/GenAI. This course is a blend of theoretical understanding, practical skills, and forward-thinking strategies that will keep you ahead of the curve. 

Applicable for: 

Any individual or corporate interested in improving their skills engaging with Generative AI tools for results at higher quality and efficiency. 

1.2 Outline

Chapter 1: Fundamental Principles 

  • Misconceptions: Avoiding misuse of GenAI products, first step of risks mitigation, 

  • Basic Principles: Proper usage of GenAI tools, setting the foundation for the later more complex modules. 

  • Common Scenarios: Learning from actual cases to understand what is considered good use cases 

  • Prompt Engineering:  It’s more complicated than you thought – could be one of the keys to your success. 

Chapter 2: Level 1 prompt engineering 

  • RCFC model: The power of thoughts , translated into RCFC framework, a powerful tool not widely explored in other courses.   

  • Positive Examples, Negative Examples: Understand the reason to failures is the first step to success 

  • Practice 

Chapter 3: Level 2 chain of thoughts 

  • CoT: Leveraging LLM’s Strategic analysis competencies  

  • 0/1/n shot prompts: Tuning the model without the need for a large amount of data-set 

  • Practice 

Chapter 4: Level 5 Integration (preview) 

  • Introduction to Integration Business Case: What can be achieved in the mindset of improving the efficiency of a workflow to the overall operation efficiency instead of improving the speed of a singular task at hand  

  • Elements to consider for Corporate Implementations  

  • Risks and Potential of GPT for Enterprise Applications: It requires more strategic thinking and risks regulation by starting from equipping your company with the right mindset and the right people. 


2. Key Takeaways 

  • Empowerment of Knowledge Workers: Enhance skills and improve efficiency with comprehensive understanding of Generative AI tools. 

  • Acquiring Future Skills: Stay ahead in the AI landscape with a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. 

  • Demystifying Generative AI: Learn proper usage, risk mitigation, and good use cases to dispel common misconceptions. 

  • Strategic Integration: Improve overall operational efficiency with strategic thinking and risk regulation, preparing for enterprise applications.


3. Company 

System in Motion is an Information System Consulting company that focuses on AI Transformation, Integration, Data Boost, Maintenance, and Training. 

Our belief: the customers’ needs over solution; the customers’ rapid change in business over original designs. Based on this belief, we continuously provide personalized services and support to help our customers build sustainable and profitable business growth. 


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