Bilans d’évènement

"When Millennials become manager: Culture shock and new opportunities. How organizations can benefit from the diversity of leadership styles?”

An inspiring session from our HR Committee yesterday evening! How can different generations collaborate and learn from each other to create new business opportunities for companies?

First we would like to thank Mr. Sylvain BANO, Director of Alliance Française de Bangkok for welcoming us in their spacious & well equipped facilities, as well as Ms. Aline Boulom, Chair of the FTCC HR Strategy Committee and Director, Talent Acquisition & Mobility at  Accor Group for her introduction of the topic to our audience!

Our deep appreciation goes to our 4 panelists for their valuable contribution to the discussion and very interesting insights:

Mr. Jean-Pierre LEGANNE, Managing Director, Aromatech Group

Mr. Adisorn Meerat, Thailand Project Leads, StoreHub

Mr. Karn LERTPENMAETHA, Talent & Culture Marketing Manager,  Accor Group 

Ms. Zoé Mercier, Business Advisor, Michelin

As well as our moderator, Ms. Kaewta Sricha-Petit, People Partner, StoreHub and Ms. Martine Chaillet, Coach, Team Builder and Consultant from EArise Consulting for her insights.

We also want to thank all our audience on-site and online (even with the time difference). We hope you found the topic interesting!

Feel free to (re-)watch the session on our other social media page.

We look forward to our next HR Talk, stay tuned!

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