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Living a Balanced Life

If you struggle with fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, hair and skin changes, anxiety, bad moods, lethargy etc, your hormones may be responsible.

Hormones are potent chemical messengers that are created by glands in the endocrine system. At every age, these messengers regulate our bodily functions, growth, metabolism, sexual function, and more. When in proper balance, hormones help our bodies thrive. When out of balance, even if only a small amount, our well-being is disrupted. Many people assume that hormonal imbalances only affect middle-aged women. What most people don’t realize is that the potency of hormones impact multiple biological systems, in both genders, and across the adult timeline, not just middle-age.

Are you looking for solutions? The easiest decision of your day - get a hormone screening test. Via a simple blood test, a typical hormone screening test checks the following: Thyroid hormones, Growth hormones, Insulin, Adrenal Hormones, and Sex Hormones.

Once results are determined, you can work with your physician to determine the optimal treatment program that will restore your hormonal equilibrium.

If you want to see a doctor or simply don’t know where to go for hormone screening, doctors at VitalLife Scientific Wellness Center in Bangkok can help. New patients can register on the 10th Floor of Vitallife Building (BIT). Or you can contact Ghita Assouab, Sales and Marketing Supervisor, at ghita(@) / +66 633 10 86 53.



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